Yaana Movie - Vaibhavi, Vaishnavi, Vaisiri - Dir: Vijayalakshimi Singh - Released


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Trio Sisters in 'YAANA'

One of the prominent film families of Kannada cinema of Shanker Singh and Protima Devi is getting new distinction. The three granddaughters of the family – Vaibhavi, Vaishnavi and Vaisiri are making debut as heroines in the direction of their mother Vijayalakshmi Singh and father Jai Jagadish production.

This is a very rare case of three daughter of prestigious family making debut at a time in one cinema. The film titled as ‘Yaana’ is a travelogue cinema going on floor on 11th of April 2016.

Vijayalakshmi Singh turned director from ‘E Bandhana’ and later made ‘Vaare Vaah’ has written story and screenplay for the film.

Noted director and KCA Chairman SV Rajendra Singh and Vijayalakshmi are son and daughter of Shanker Singh family. Jai Jagadish is son in law of this family. The first grandson Aditya is also a noted actor.

In the three daughters of Jai and Vijayalakshmi Vaishnavi and Vaisiri are twins. It is after one and half years of Vaibhavi the twins took birth.
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