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Friends I would like to start this thread because there are many good short films that has to be shared and appreciated.
Please if you find any short film links send here. lets watch and enjoy. I request all aDDa members to watch and share and u too ,share the short film links here. I want support from PowerStar and Karthik Anna Bond to keep this thread active.

Starting with a Short film with unusal title "VIDHAYA"
This Short Movie Got The Awards Like "Best Short Film" at "Mangalore Short Film Festival", "Best Director and Screenplay" award in "Rolling frames International Short Film Festival",, and "Best Actor" in NACT all india Short film Festival at Bangalore,, and also Nominated in Jaipur and Gujarat International Film Festivals,

This is Single Artist Movie...................................­...

Camera work, Music is awesome.
Simple story but presentation marvelous.
ITS LENGTHY BUT DESERVES :amen: For making. Better than Films

* Prashanth *

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NAVILAADAVARU short film directed by Giriraj.. Good one...

You can see Jolly Days Pradeep in a different avathar...



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My friend directing this short movie...will release for new year.need all your wishes and support.

Best wishes for him.


Team lunch - Award winning Short Film 2015

My friend colleague has made this above short film.. do watch :Db:
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