Pailwaan Movie - Kichcha Sudeep, Aakanksha Singh - Dir: Krishna - Arjun Janya - Released


aDDa Junior
Sir Kanyadaanam, Raa, H2O, Auto Shankar, Katari Veera, Son Of Satyamurthy, I Love U are all swamake hit movies of Uppi. Omkara was average with Mega opening. I agree A, Upendra, Super, Uppi2 were successful mainly due to his direction but his acting in those movies cannot be discounted. I can proudly state that Upendra has acted in 10 or 11 swamake hit films out of 26 hits he has given. And I don't look down upon remakes. Only good remakes have been hits while rest have failed.
SOS is more of Allu Arjun and Trivikram movie.