Operation Alamelamma Movie - Shradda Srinath - Dir: Simple Suni - Released


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Saw the movie in Santosh theatre on sunday.
Movie is worth a watch. If i want see movie again,its only bcz of Rishi Screen presence which is too good.


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Watched yesterday..excellent movie...it has some resemblance to Hollywood movie The Usual Suspects.....
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OA is doing very well in DRC Mysuru, I couldn't get tickets for 7.15 pm show on Saturday. One of the finest entertainer, PURMY rocks, got to give Rishi the credit for taking the movie to the next level, it is almost one man show. Suni was looking for the much needed break and he gets it, super screenplay. Both songs are rocking!!!!

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watched over weekend. super movie.. second half is too good.. PURMY rocked all through the movie.. heard his next movie is under Puneet's sir banner.. hope to see him excel.


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Watched this last week.. simple movie and good narration.. it lagged a bit in the middle.. but comedy keeps audiences engaged.. good first attempt by Suni for not being a monotonous love stories..
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