Mini Live Report - Lakshmi - Starts at 10 25 AM


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We'll try to post updates as frequently as possible but please don't expect every 5 mins update.

Can't wait for the movie to start :dance: :dance: :dance:


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Waiting with bated breath...fingers crossed.. praying to god... that this film will quench my thirst of watching Shivanna in a mega successful role :Pray: :Pray:
Adda boys Mutha & Kanasu watching the movie at Veeresh. They have got balcony tickets. Kanasu is too excited for the movie to start & efficiently controlled by Mutha.
Title started, full whisles at Veersh. Mutha & Kanasu join the celebration.
FYI - Duration of the movie 160 minutes.
Ravi Kale entry as an inspector with his tough voice......

Shivanna already graced the screen...fulll noise in the hall :super: :super: :super:

First fight :super: Boss is chasing a classical dancer in the fight.. Chindi dialogues :amen: