KJP developments - U B Banakar joined KJP


Virupakshappa prominent kuruba leader of Sindhanur would contest on BSR for MP.

He is two time MP and one time MLA. His son to contest for MLA from same party.

And general feel is its gonna be BSR there.
Venkata Nadagouda of Jd(s) is current MLA .There is another big player hampanagouda badarali there. I am not aware of what is happening in sindhanur.So i will wait and see the future events.


Everyone claim that BSR will fare better in Ballari, Raichur, Gadag. But i hate this happening, we want either JD(s) or KJP.
U B Banakar who had won around 30 thousand votes as a independent has joined KJP. To me this looks a deadly combination of Independent charisma and caste in Hirekerur.BC patil E baari solodhu khanditha..


From TOI

A day after BJP went offensive against him, former chief minister BS Yeddyrappa went a step backward by apologizing to BJP patriarch LK Advani.

Yeddyurappa, who is all set to quit the party, apologized to Advani after participating 'kalasarohana' of Sri Ranganatha swamy temple at Kunkova village, Honnali taluk in Davanagere district on Monday.

Yeddyurappa on Saturday made anti-Advani slogans by stating "down down Advani", today he retracted and maintained that it was it was "slip of the tongue" and accidently spelt Advani name while making anti-Ananth Kumar slogans.

"Both Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Advani are like my two eyes. I should not have made remarks against Advani. It's a big mistake and I regret for it. I was upset on Ananth Kumar as he was responsible for my down fall by bad mouthing against me with Advani. Accidently Advani's name was spelt along while making anti-Kumar statement. I apologize for it," Yeddyurappa told reporters.

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Yeddy is the king of political comedy.


Was ir spell or pronounce :mdr1: .. Anyways doesn;t make a difference, both are flops for karnataka.


Well before the formal launch of Karnataka Janata Party (KJP), former chief minister and state Janata Dal(S) president H.D. Kum­araswamy indulged in slander and described the new outfit as one of “robbers and prisoners” (Kallara mattu Jailuvasigala Paksha), on Saturday.

Speaking to media persons here, he asked “What is the philosophy or ideology of this party? The term Janata is a big misnomer for the party.

He (former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa) was jailed on charges of corruption, and some of his associates are on the verge of going to jail. So, how will the Janata (voters) accept him as their leader?”

Continuing in the same breath, he wondered why the former chief minister was talking about turning Karnataka into a dream state after next year’s polls to the Legislative Assembly.

“How come Mr Yeddyurappa did not realise that people had elected him nearly four-and-half years ago, and he remained as the Chief Minister for over three-and-half years?

Why did he not realise his dream of building a prosperous state? He is merely resorting to gimmicks by talking about his vision of a prosperous state.

Our people have always chosen their leaders carefully, particularly leaders with a clean record. By describing himself as a thick-skinned person, he has lost the battle halfway through,” he added.

Mr Kumaraswamy attempted to set the record straight about the fact that his party was controlled by his family, and supported by Vokkaligas. “Be it my father or any member of our family, we believe in inclusive politics.

Though I am a Vokkaliga by birth, I set an example by staying in houses of houses dalits and others when I was the Chief Minister.

This is the philosophy and ideology of our party, but our detractors try to blame us all the time. Our hearts always beat for the deprived masses,” he added.
Hebbaka ravishankar has been given green signal to contest from tumkur rural. Looks like there will be triangular contest between H ningappa,Suresh gowda and Hebbaka ravishankar this time in Tumkur rural.



Informed sources in the district-level BJP said that although a bold face is being put up about Yeddyurappa's exit having no impact on the party, a certain level of worry and panic could be seen among the leaders here.

The top brass of the party in the district, ahead of BSY's scheduled resignation on Friday, are understood to have held an emergency meeting in the party office near the PVS circle at 8 pm on Thursday.

A top BJP functionary, on condition of anonymity, told this correspondent that the meeting was attended by, among others, former CM Sadananda Gowda, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, MLAs Yogish Bhat, Krishna Palemar and Mallika Prasad, MLC Monappa Bhandary, district party president Padmanabha Kottary, former district president Pratapasimha Nayak and Sulochana Bhat.

All of them left the venue soon after the meeting to avoid discussions with others. Many could not join since it was convened at a short notice. The meeting was unscheduled and was said to be in preparation for the assembly elections. Yet the fact that the it was held so late in the evening, when normally such crucial meetings are held during daytime extensively, gave a clear hint that there was more than meets the eye.

The source revealed that there were reports that many leaders in the districts were on the verge of walking over to the KJP led by Yeddyurappa. The fact that a prominent role in the KJP is being played by former Mangalore MP Venoor Dhananjaya Kumar has reportedly worried the BJP leaders here. The influrential Jain community's votes could be swayed in favour of the KJP, they feel. The source recalled that a religious head of the Jain community had openly sought the support of the people when Kumar had first entered the election fray from Mangalore many years ago.

The reports about the possible switchover to the KJP by prominent leaders led to the meeting being held, confirmed the source. Matters like the steps to be taken in case the Shettar government collapsed and to pacify those planning to leave the party and herd them together and candidates to be put up in the event of an early assembly election and related subjects were said to have been discussed.

A large number of BJP functionaries and leaders still owe their allegiance to Yeddyurappa. A secret survey is said to be in progress to identify such people and hold them together.

Whatever the top leaders say about having no fall-out after BSY's exit, it should not be a surprise if some ripple effects are felt in the district.
jain voters are prominent in belgaum district.And they are present in few pockets of Dk like moodabidri.If KJP gets jain votes with him,he will only end up benefitting BJP and JD(s) as jain voters in moodabidri.

In belgaum jains and LIngayats have tug of war and hence jains supporting KJP will not happen,