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Knives Out isn't the typical whodunit tale. What Knives out does is, its out of the box narrative. Right after the first few minutes, there's a death in the house and soon it also says whodunnit. So, from now on you're not exactly wondering "who did it?" but more of "what's next?" Rian Johnson seamlessly manages to keep the film crisp. This definitely quite a refreshing take on the whodunnit genre that we have been innumerably seeing in most of the movies. This refreshing out of the box narrative structure is strongly supported by the clever writing.

Having read almost all of the Agatha Christie's books, it's quite evident that this film is heavily influenced by her work. Daniel Craig was so Hercule Poirot in the story. Though I kinda predicted the end, the way it reached there was quite impressive and two thumbs up for that creative writing. Beautiful direction, commendable cinematography, impeccable writing and an adequate acting are more than enough reasons to make Knives Out a movie worth watching.

Knives Out is Hilarious, Smart, often surprising and never too over ambitious. Irrespective of you being able to guess the central mystery or not, this film is undoubtedly a good time.


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Watched Ford vs ferrari in Shankarnag, superb movie :love
After a long time came out of theatre with happiness, last movie was kgf, Avengers is also there but it was with filled emotion
writing, camera work, making, bg music every dept is perfect.....
Adoption of true event into movie story is so effective that it can be a text book for new directors.
Rivalry of ford & ferrari is unheard & it's presented very nicely, i like to see this kind of stories in indian movies especially kannada.
The racing scenes are picturised so beautifully that audience gets feel like he is only riding.
Racing in dark is just awesome :love
Martian & batman both have given rocking performance, but i loved Martian more, even though batman has more emotional space
I Almost cried for "they just robbed you" scene

Shankarnag theatre is nice, screen is not neither big nor small, but clarity is good, felt like watching in multiplex only, sound effect is awesome sound effects never allow me to sleep even for a minute, finally rupee tea helped me to awake for whole movie

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